TheRoyalBlock – Gateways to Heaven, Hell, and Earth!

Welcome back to The Royal Block! Yesterday I wrote about some of the highlights of my single-player survival adventure. Today I’m going to write about a few builds I’ve created for multiplayer! I had the opportunity to build the most used sites on the server, the dimension gateways!


The Overworld spawn is where players enter the server for the first time, so I wanted its ‘entrance’ to be fun! A hedge-maze fits the bill:

2017-01-19_13-12-07 2017-01-20_09-43-57

Once you’ve completed the hedge-maze you can begin your adventure!

The next build is the Nether gateway area. The Nether gateway needs to fit different requirements than the hedge-maze. It has to be safe to protect from the many dangers of The Nether, a hellish region. I designed a shell of sorts to protect from Ghasts attacks, pigman swarms, and the many other hazards of the Nether:



Incidentally this was my first minecraft circle build:


Finally, we have come to the End… Oh, no, not the end of the post… The End Dimension. For this gateway, I wanted to create something more regal, something fit for a king:


I retained major elements of a standard Stronghold portal room, but the ornate quartz blocks contrast the purple of the portals Nether portals to create a unique look:


These were fun projects to work on – they’ve stood the test of time as I still don’t see much that I would change after 6 months, and it’s great to see these builds being used regularly!


Now we’ve reached the end (not the End) of the post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Have a great day!


TheRoyalBlock – Rambles in Minecraft

Hello readers!

Well, The Royal Brick has been on hibernation for the past few months, and The Royal Block has been working in his place!


I’ve spent the past couple month getting familiarized with the wonderful game that is Minecraft – from its blocks to its glitches! Today I’m going to quickly share my experience in my first Minecraft world, to preface some post about later Minecraft builds I’ve done:


To begin, let me show you my first home – the obligatory Minecraft castle:


This is where it all began for me. On the first Minecraft night, I dug a whole in the ground here to get away from the creepers, and the castle was built up over time. I learned the basics of Minecraft building with this build – I even did my first redstone for the piston door!

After building up the castle, I got to work advancing in the game! I found my first glimmering diamonds, traveled to the Nether, and cured my first zombie villager!

After that, I decided to head off and explore the infinite world, and oh the sights I would see! Here are some postcard pics I snagged of the strange and wonderful world I discovered on my travels!

2016-06-05_14-09-122016-09-10_16-18-53 2016-06-08_08-46-17

I also had some paranormal sightings while off in the unknown, from creepers in cauldrons, to floating skeletons:


When I returned home, I began to gear up for the ultimate battle. I headed off to the End dimension to fight The Ender Dragon!

While the Dragon Battle is not endgame for Minecraft (in fact, there is no real objective or end in the game), it did mark the end of the adventures in my first survival world, and spurred the creation of a multiplayer server with some friends.

I’ve done much more building and experimentation there – perhaps I’ll write about that soon!


Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m hoping to do more post about LEGO now that I’m regularly building with LEGO again!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!