A Stupendous Adventure – The Hobbit, a Stage Production!

Greetings, all! The Royal Brick, at your service!

Runic F

Today’s post is a special one! For the last month, I’ve been practicing for my first ever play. The production is The Hobbit, which is one of my favorite stories of all time, and to top that, the cast members are the most wonderful people! Today is the last day of tech week. Tomorrow, we perform.

I’ve been having so much fun, I couldn’t resist putting some bricks together to try to recreate the magic of this show:




Above is a recreation of our Smaug prop. The very free form nature of the real, paper mache prop is a challenge to recreate in LEGO, but curved and sloped pieces allowed me approximate the shapes . Here’s a (very blurry) picture of the real prop:


This production has been marked by a lot of goofing around. I think the picture I chose to LEGO-ify shows that (I wish I could say I covered our Bilbo’s face with Martin Freeman’s to protect her identity, but this is really her face…):

IMG_0151 IMG_0186

I know that my fellow cast members are reading this, so I’m going to thank. Thank you for being such positive, funnyaccepting, caring, talented individuals. I can genuinely say this production has been one of the highlights of my life, and that all comes down to you!

Thanks for reading everyone, and have an incredible day!


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