TheRoyalBlock – Gateways to Heaven, Hell, and Earth!

Welcome back to The Royal Block! Yesterday I wrote about some of the highlights of my single-player survival adventure. Today I’m going to write about a few builds I’ve created for multiplayer! I had the opportunity to build the most used sites on the server, the dimension gateways!


The Overworld spawn is where players enter the server for the first time, so I wanted its ‘entrance’ to be fun! A hedge-maze fits the bill:

2017-01-19_13-12-07 2017-01-20_09-43-57

Once you’ve completed the hedge-maze you can begin your adventure!

The next build is the Nether gateway area. The Nether gateway needs to fit different requirements than the hedge-maze. It has to be safe to protect from the many dangers of The Nether, a hellish region. I designed a shell of sorts to protect from Ghasts attacks, pigman swarms, and the many other hazards of the Nether:



Incidentally this was my first minecraft circle build:


Finally, we have come to the End… Oh, no, not the end of the post… The End Dimension. For this gateway, I wanted to create something more regal, something fit for a king:


I retained major elements of a standard Stronghold portal room, but the ornate quartz blocks contrast the purple of the portals Nether portals to create a unique look:


These were fun projects to work on – they’ve stood the test of time as I still don’t see much that I would change after 6 months, and it’s great to see these builds being used regularly!


Now we’ve reached the end (not the End) of the post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Have a great day!


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