Llydelian Trading Company – Summer Joust Guild Category

Hello everyone, and welcome!

Last time, I posted about my entry into the vignette category of the Summer Joust, a castle competition which just closed for entries over on flickr:


Today I’m going to share with you another build that I created for the Summer Joust – this one for the Guild category of the competition:


Here was the prompt:

Assemble a team of builders, and create your own faction and develop the buildings, landscape, and lifestyle of this group through multiple creations. Realistic, or fantasy factions are acceptable.

I teamed up with none other than Dave Zambito, who some of you may recall was my opponent in the second round of the Tourney this year!

DZTourney R2


Dave imagined a successful and powerful charter company which spans the seven seas and utilizes to the fullest extent the fantastical resources that the world provides. Here is his description of the Company:

Spreading civilization and prosperity throughout the region, The Llydelian Trading Company has become as large and influential as any kingdom in the land. Led by The Council of Magi, the Company uses the arcane forces to monopolize trade throughout the lands. Transporting everything from mail to food to building supplies there isn’t a corner of the known world that they don’t have a foot hold in. As times become harder, the Company has had to arm their cargo against renegades and peasants. This has caused groups of outlaws to band in time of terrible famine, creating an arms race of sorts, and leading to the enlistment of the largest military in current existence under the employ of The Llydelian Trading Co.

And so, with this idea in mind, we got to work! Or rather… Dave did. I initially had difficulty coming up with a workable design, but after a lot of hard thinking, my first stretch of strong progress brought a watchtower and spire to completion:


I imagined a rickety but homely shelter, perhaps a structure that the first traders would have erected quickly to protect themselves from the elements, and details like exposed nails and a ramshackle asymmetry serve to tell that story.

As the charter company became more successful, a dock would need to be build to accept ships and resources:


Furthermore, with valuable resources being hauled in daily, the port would require protection from thieves and bandits. A piked wall would keep the port secure:

DSC_0112 DSC_0129

As fast as I constructed any particular section, I had to move on immediately due to the impending deadline (I beat it literally by only minutes), but despite the rush, I’m pretty satisfied with the build overall.

Of course, this is the guild category, so what about my fellow guild member’s builds? Here they are (click the images to be directed to the builds’ respective albums):

Trade Company Postal Service


Serpent Towed Trade Barge


Elemental Drawn Supply Wagon


Dave’s skill with landscaping shines through bright and clear in all three of these builds, and I love the way in which he integrates and utilizes the fantasy setting to create some extremely imaginative models.

Thanks for being such an awesome (and patient) team member Dave!

Also, a big thanks to the organizers of the event, my friends Isaac and John S as well as the other judges and coordinators! It’s been a blast and I hope to see the competition next year!

Thanks so much for reading, and have an extraordinary day!


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