The Alchemaster’s Laboratory


Welcome, everyone, to the Laboratory! Today I’ll be telling you how I brewed up my latest creation!


My friends from over at are co-hosting a competition on Flickr – The Summer Joust! The contests is bringing together some of the finest builders in the community, and the range of categories available build in is very wide. Fantastic models are already rolling in, but the contest runs till the end of June, so anyone interested still has time to contribute. Just follow the above link and get building!

For today’s build, I’ve chosen the vignette category: “Create any medieval scene you can imagine, only one catch, it has to fit on an 8×8 base.” Here’s what I cooked up; The Alchemaster’s Laboratory:

5-15-2016 002

This is where the Alchemaster brews potions, endows items with magical powers, peers into the future, and conducts mysterious experiments.

Incidentally, this build was an experiment for me, as I departed from the use of only street legal techniques to slightly more – shall we say – questionable ones. Quite a few of the details in this build, from the stand that the crystal ball rests on, to the cobblestones across the floor, are held on with nothing more than gravity and a bit of luck:

5-15-16 007

My goal with this build was to pack as many fun details as I could into the small space, to give the scene some life. I used a palm tree trunk segment for the crystal ball stand and an inverted wine glass to create a large wine bottle. Inverted dish tiles make for fantastic cobblestones, and plates and tiles resting partway out from the wall compose loose bricks:

That’s all for today – I hope you enjoyed!



    1. Thanks, Jumping Monkey!

      Yes, your Paper Armor technique is quite out there, but I think it’s one of the most creative techniques I’ve seen on the web! I love it!

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