The Royal Brick Blog Year 2 Roundup!

Hello readers, and welcome to the party!

What are we celebrating? The 2nd birthday of the blog, of course! That’s right, 731 days ago I started this blog, and I’ve had a blast ever since!



Over this blogging year I’ve added 35 more posts to the blog, which ranged in subjects from MOCs, to reviews, to events, to guest posts – all things I plan to continue sharing with all of you in future!

This year has been full of good times, so just like last year, I’m going to ask you which post was your favorite from this blogging year. Let me know in the comments section!

My personal favorite was Wafarer’s Refuge. Though it’s not one of my prettiest models, designing it and then writing about the process was one of the best times I’ve ever had over my years in the LEGO hobby!

12-17-15 048

Whenever I get the chance, I like to mention some blogs and personal sites that (I think) deserve more attention than they are getting (most of these are not related to LEGO):

  • The Doodling Dino (which is currently on a short hiatus) is always making me smile. Thanks for the laughs, Nate!
  • Clockworksparrow over on Instagram is always posting fantastic and artful pictures.
  • I love reading about the artist’s creative adventures over on Jumping Monkey Art
  • The portfolio of the amazing Kosbricks who has been posting almost constantly during his run in the infamous Iron Builder Challenge.
  • The inspiring ramblings of Joeri Ridder which can be found over on his blog.

I would encourage you to check all of these things out! I find inspiration for my work in them, even the ones whose focus is not on LEGO.

12-30-15 201


Now, last year I neglected to thank some people who certainly deserve my gratitude. I’ll take the opportunity to thank them now:

I need to give a huge thank you to my family! They are my blog (and life) support team, and the blog would not exist without their help!

My thanks also goes out to my friends, both from online and off, who support the blog by commenting and letting me know what I’m doing well, and where I can improve – you guys are the best!

And of course I must express my gratitude to you the reader! Thank you for reading! Thank you for sharing! Thank you mostly for enjoying – that means a whole lot to me!

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!


Now, I would like to mention that things may slow down around here for about a month as I’ve got some big tests coming up in May, but nobody panic! You can expect a whole lot of activity from me in the summer – 17 posts a day, event coverage every weekend, guest posters posting around the clock, and maybe even a contest with a prize for a bazillion dollars (You heard it here first folks)! It’ll be crazy… just like this guy is:

9-6-15 002

So… there goes the end of two years! Another year of blogging is on the way, piping hot and ready to eat!

Thank you sincerely!

The Royal Brick – Blog Administrator


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