Doodle Week Day 6 – Hewkii Faceship

This week I’m posting a series of small table-scrap MOCs, 1 for each day of the week.

The LEGO system is full of fantastic pieces, with a plethora of beautiful colors and interesting shapes at a builder’s disposal. I enjoy just looking at these pieces, and when I can, showcasing them in builds. But there are just a few LEGO pieces that I absolutely loathe – pieces so ugly or weird that they hurt the eyes simply to look at. “Did the LEGO designers know what they were doing when they designed this piece?” I find myself wondering as a squint at the pieces. Such is the case with an old Bionicle piece – the head of a character named Hewkii:


This is a right-ugly part, and I can never bring myself to put it on a Bionicle character – what good could come of a figure topped with this… thing? Every once and awhile, while sifting through my LEGO collection, I come across the piece and find it staring at me:

Hewkii Edit

What are YOU looking at?

I could have decided just to throw the piece out – obviously I’m not a fan of it – but my philosophy is that ugly parts shouldn’t be exempt from the work as model components that their prettier brethren must endure. No special treatment for ugly pieces!

2-20-16 001

Though I am – as I have illustrated above – a very fair person (all of the people that I employ can vouch for me. I’ll raise your salaries by 30%!), everyone needs to get revenge every now and again. Just to spite the awful part, I constructed the ship with the face staring backwards, so Hewkii will always get the worst view possible – a five star view of the dust accumulating on my shelf… for eternity:

2-20-16 002

I feel that I have achieved my goal. I served justice, allowing no piece to get away with special treatment, and I showed Hewkii who’s really boss. I haven’t had a confrontation with him since, but sometimes, when I’m building, I can feel eyes on the back of my neck. I turn around and see those blood red pits staring back at me:

2-20-16 002.jpg

Until tomorrow – watch your back 😉 !

This post was based on real events, though some names of persons and locations have been changed for their safety. The views expressed do not necessarily represent those of The Royal Brick Blog staff or writers.


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