Doodle Week Day 5 – A Constraction Doodle

Welcome back, readers!

This week I’m posting a series of small table-scrap MOCs, 1 for each day of the week.

My skill in constraction building is not great, and as such, when I’m in the mood to build with constraction but I don’t have much time to experiment with the internal structure, I like to change other things up a bit. With today’s model, I decided to shape up torso using masks:

2-13-16 455

One mask makes up this character’s stomach, while his shoulder armor is created with a pair of masks.

Even thought I created him, this character has me asking a lot of questions – Where does he liveWhy does he have only one eye? What does the tank on his pack do?

2-13-16 456

What do you think?


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