Constraction – Reactor

Spring break has arrived! That means much more building and more posting while it lasts!

Today I bring you my latest constraction model (Constraction is LEGO’s name for their buildible action figure themes). Meet Reactor:

2-26-16 022

Reactor is some sort of bat-cat-robot hybrid. He’s got the standard articulation (3 joints per limb and one neck joint), as well as posable fingers, posable wings, and an extremely posable tail:

2-26-16 023



Reactor is still a work in progress, and when I come back to the model, I plan to consolidate the colors by removing the red and white stickers and improve the torso build which doesn’t flow color and texture-wise as well I would like.

2-26-16 008


Do you have any suggestions for how I can improve this model? Let me know in the comments!

2-26-16 002


Have a wonderful day!


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