The Shadow Rogue


After a bit of a posting hiatus, here’s a short post for you to (hopefully) enjoy!

As some of you know, I love Steampunk, but I have never been happy with my rambles in the Steampunk style before. This little build, the Shadow Rogue, was the first purely Steampunk  build that I am quite satisfied with:

12-30-15 207

Much of the mass of the craft comes from a classic row-boat piece. Some of my VERY oldest readers may actually be getting a sense of deja-vu – that’s because this is a revamp of this creation which quite a while ago:

5-28-14 005

Comparing the two builds, you can clearly see how my concept of the steampunk style has changed over time. I exchanged the garish red and yellow for more moody browns and black. The construction shifted from a symmetrical to an Asymmetrical shape, and I simplified the technology in the builds greatly, with the original using panels and visors, and the current featuring simple flames and a valve.

A major change in the design which you may notice is in the construction of the balloon. The original was built up of mostly circular parts. This time around, I used the more recently available 1×2 slopes to achieve the desired shape:

12-30-15 205

This construction also allowed me to distribute colors asymmetrically around the balloon creating the impression of fading and patches:

12-30-15 206

This was a fun little model to craft, and I hope you enjoyed! As always, thank you for reading!


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