The Tourney Round 2 – Indecision

Welcome, readers, to another post on my blog. Last time, we had a look into the building process of my good friend Josiah Nelson, another builder competing in the Tourney 2016. Today I’m going to tell you about my entry into round 2, so read to the end of the post to find out if I made it to the 3rd round!

Tourney Banner

Round 2 marked the beginning of the 1 v 1 match ups – two players go head to head, building under the same prompt. I was matched with the amazing Dave Zambito, and our build had to fulfill the following prompt:

“Build a legend of olde for a faction of your choice. It can be anything, a gods tale, ancestral creatures that roamed the land once, a romance. Have some fun with it and try to present it in a unique style if you can: maybe a mural or a cave painting?”

I knew I was going to need to build something extra special to get through to the next round, so I got to building as soon as I could. I didn’t have much of an idea of where I wanted to take the build, and I hadn’t much time to experiment, so my progress on the first day wasn’t more than I few minifigs:

1-24-16 027

On the next day, and with the look of the figs in mind, I started in on some structure. I built a set of great big doors, and a fountain with a statue:

1-24-16 026

I envisioned two towering buildings on either side of the doorway, with some interesting rockwork for the street, but after taking a look at Dave’s (my opponent’s) previous works, I realized that if he chose to build something similar, I would have no chance of winning. This type of thing is, after all, his specialty:


His expertise in this area clearly FAR surpasses my own, so I threw out my concept and started fresh (though I reused the statue of course). Here was my progress on the second day:

1-24-16 025

This was going to become the tip of an overhanging cliff, but I could tell this construction was going to require quite a bit of work before it would be presentable, so this design went down the drain as well.

On the next day, I was determined to make some real and serious progress. My lack of planning had made me unable to complete my previous attempts, so on this next attempt, I made sure to formulate a concept and execution that I would be fairly happy with before I started stacking bricks.

As I said before, I knew that there would be no defeating my opponent if the judges could only compare the models’ looks. I decided to include functionality in my build to make it stand out, and that I wouldn’t spend too much valuable time refining the appearance. I had something like my functional graveyard in mind:

6-20-15 043

Also, around this time Isaac S from over at had shared his awesome Technic Rockwork Technique:

Brickbuilt Rockwork

I applied what I learned from his explanation, and finally made some real progress:

1-24-16 022

This was a step or two in the right direction, and it allowed me to see that the rockwork was going to be successful, but some work was going to be necessary before I could move on.

For one thing, the rockwork was not strong enough to support the first function I had incorporated. Furthermore, I didn’t have enough dark or light grey in my sorted collection to complete the rockwork. In my completed creations however… let’s just say that the solution to my problem was accompanied by a loud crash:

1-24-16 024

Tada! Changing the color allowed me to finish the rock work, and it established good color contrast with the snow, too!

1-24-16 003

After completing the rockwork, I created some quick and dirty snow with some white slopes and circles:

1-24-16 002

The creation was complete, and with only a few hours to spare, I submitted the model. Here’s what the completed entry looks like:

My opponent submitted his entry around the same time. Here’s his excellent work:

DZTourney R2

Throughout the competition, The judges cast their votes by commenting on each entry, so I spent the next day checking and refreshing the page until my eyeballs turned into squares, until… A judge has voted!!! Here’s what the first judge said:

Screenshot (5)

So it appears that I focused too much on functions and not enough on appearance which lost me Halhi’s vote. That’s ok though – there were still two more judges to weigh in. I can still do this! I might still win!

So began another refresh session – refresh… refresh… refresh… until…

Screenshot (6)

Well darn… so the majority (2/3) of the judges have voted for my opponent – I won’t be advancing to the next round, but it would still be cool if the remaining judge preferred my creation. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to say.

Refresh, Refresh, Refresh…


Screenshot (7)

Ah well… despite the fact that all of the judges voted against me in round two, I’m actually VERY happy with my run in this competition. The judges all seemed to like my entry, just not as much as my opponent’s, and for the first time in, I was able to advance past the qualifier round of a competition of this style. Perhaps next year I can eek my way into round 3!

I’m going to take the judges advice and spice up the build a bit. I’ll likely add a splash of color up top, and improve the water texturing and coloring – so you can expect a post about that process relatively soon. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post!


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