Guest Poster Josiah Nelson – The Tourney 2016: Under Construction

Hello readers! As you know, the Tourney 2016, one of the biggest LEGO fantasy competitions in the community, is well underway at the moment on MOCpages and Flickr. In the first 2 rounds out of 6, many extremely skilled builders have already produced some stunning creations, and today I’m quite happy to present to you a guest post about one of those creations. So welcome to the stage my good friend and one of my favorite builders in the community, Josiah Nelson! Enjoy! 

On MOCpages, there is a role playing game, the Lands of Mythron which hosts an annual competition otherwise known as the Tourney. Here is my entry for the first round of the Tourney.
Josiah Nelson 1

The category which I chose to do was “Under Construction: the first step in defending cities from the invading dwarves is to build fortifications around the city. Help the defense effort by building a wall. Construction equipment and partially-completed stonework are a must for this category.”
Due to the fact that I am not entirely confident in my construction machinery skills (especially medieval machines!), I chose to have a small section of the wall be constructed.
Josiah Nelson 2

This was a very challenging build in terms of piece count and patience. The curved wall proved to be pretty flimsy, and when I was nearly finished building it, I accidentally struck it, and it shattered. I’m quite happy with how the minifigure legs worked with the model though. The main inspiration behind using them was the fact that I didn’t have any more windows, so, I used legs!
Josiah Nelson 3

I tried to go for a rather Viking/Nordic look for this part of the build, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I am especially satisfied with the stained glass.
Josiah Nelson 4

All in all, I am very pleased with how this build turned out. My favorite part about it has to either be the timber tower, or the gatehouse section.
A big thank you to my good friend, The Royal Brick, for allowing me to write about my creation. And in addition to that, thank you for the encouragement and kind words that you have said about my work. The least I can do is reciprocate the feeling.

Many thanks.

-Josiah Nelson


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