The Tourney Round 1 – Fighting Famine

Hello readers!

This month marks the beginning of one of the biggest LEGO fantasy competitions in the LEGO community, The Tourney 2016!

Tourney Banner

The first round of the competition is a qualifier, so read to the end of the post to see if I made it to the next round!

There were a few categories each contestants could choose to build in. I chose the category Fighting Famine:

Dwarven attacks have resulted in food shortages in the lands; as a result, Tourney competitors must find new sources of food. Show your character procuring food somehow, whether by farming or hunting.”

The contestants are given 10 days every round to complete and enter their builds. I set to work immediately. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to build, but I didn’t have time to waste so I started building wildly, experimenting with this hexagonal house concept:

After creating this exterior concept, I was committed to creating an interior too – how could I resist the challenge? LEGO is based on four sided figures, so as we saw in my design of The Wayfarer’s Refuge, some monkey work was going to be necessary. After searching around on the web for a bit, I discovered this design (Credit to LEGO Otaku of Eurobricks for the concept and image below):


This design didn’t fit the hexagonal shape perfectly, but with the time restraint in mind I wasn’t going to be too picky!:

1-2-16 001

Next to create a full interior. I added what I thought a villager might need – A bed, a fire, a place to eat, and some personal belongings:

1-5-16 003

But where would this humble abode reside? In a crowded part of the city? Nestled between the trees in a forest? Atop a cliff?

Yes, that would do quite well. A house upon a cliff. That of course required that I construct a cliff. Here’s what I had come up with after one day of work.

1-5-16 008

And now for the moment of truth! Will it work? Will it look like I had imagined in my mind?

1-5-16 001 (2)

Yes! Though some more changes were still in order.

I removed the precipice directly beneath the house and replaced it with dummy beams that give the appearance they are supporting the structure:

1-10-16 010

In the last day of the competition I decided to  consolidate the overall color pallet present in the build, removing the garish dark orange around the water in favor of gold, and adding a layer of clear studs under the blue tiles to make the water look a bit more natural:

1-10-16 007

With no time to spare, I threw on the last bricks, hastily took some images, and entered the model. Here’s the completed build:

1-10-16 005

So did I qualify for the competition?


Yes! I will be moving on to the next part of the competition so stay tuned for my next build, coming in about 2 weeks!

Here’s a slideshow of the major steps in the design and build process:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Big thanks to Leif H and John S for their suggestions and support during the build process!

Thanks for reading!


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