The Summer Storm

Hello everyone!

This is my latest creation, the Summer Storm:

12-30-15 199

The design began with a standard red hull piece that I’d been itching to use for quite a while. Today I’m going to write about how I went from a blank red hull to the completed summer storm:


I began with the wacky awesome concept of a castle boat mashup to mix things up (perhaps I’ll build that another day). I started with a columned castle design on the back of the ship, later to become the red superstructure in the completed model:

12-30-15 198

However, I didn’t have some parts that would be necessary for my imagined design, and as I wasn’t too set on the idea anyway, I began brainstorming for different ideas.

I settled on doing a more steampunk inspired design (a desire which expressed itself later in this build), though the sleek design and bright red color lent itself better to a more futuristic aesthetic.

12-30-15 200

After experimenting with some parts, I settled on an industrial aesthetic, and a black and red color scheme with trans neon yellow accents.

With the Steampunk genre still in the back of my mind, I created the propeller assemblies, which are similar to the smokestacks that are so prominent in the Steampunk style:

12-30-15 211

Of course, the propellers have gotta work or what’s the point? I built in a gear function for each of them:

The red superstructure is hollow, and I constructed the upper deck so that it could slide away, giving access to the inside (just pull on the flag assembly):

As always, I wanted to create a full interior within. The space was limited, but I definitely wanted to fit all of these things inside:



So what made the cut in the space?

12-30-15 193


12-30-15 191

Hooray, (almost) all of it fit in!



That’s how I designed the Summer Storm! I hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful day!

12-30-15 210


  1. Wow, I’d already looked at the build, but I was never able to find the bookshelf. Now that I see it, I couldn’t help but admire it. Just thought I’d say.

    1. Thank you very much! I really wanted to fit a bookshelf into the model, but during the building process it almost got cut. I was really happy when I figured out how to keep it in!

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