LEGO User’s Group Event Dec 4-6, 2015

Hello readers!

Many of you know that my serious LEGO building journey began more than a year ago when I started this blog and was ultimately introduced to the online LEGO community. A number of months ago, I took the next step and joined my local LUG, or LEGO User’s Group, entering the real world LEGO community. LUGs provide a great place where serious LEGO fans can hang out, share techniques and ideas, and trade parts.

I’ve been an active member of my local LUG for about a year now, and I recently participated in my first live and public LEGO event ever. LUG members brought awesome creations to show and inspire the public with, and today I’m going to share some of these creations with you, the reader.

The event was open to the public over the museum’s weekend hours, so LUG member arrived on Friday night to set up. I packed up some creations and headed to the event space:

12-8-15 207

All of my creations packed up and ready to go

I spent some time setting out my creations and helping out with the displays, but I left long before much of setup was finished, so I was eager to get back to the museum in the morning and see the completed displays for myself.

When I arrived on Saturday morning before public hours I was tasked with placing plants and hanging planes in the Airport Display. How’d I do? The display was mostly built by Leif H, with bits by myself (my biplane), Scott L, and others:

My next and ultimate duty at the event was basically to talk to folks about the displays, the LUG, and anything LEGO related, and people very often wanted to know about the amazing LEGO City, By Daren H, again with details by Dan P and others:

A big draw for the kids at the event was the The Pirate Display, a collaboration which is coordinated by Mike G. Shown respectively are a pirate MOC by Dan P, and Pirate Hideout by Isaac and John S:

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, the Miscellaneous MOCS display:

AG Freebuilds and The City of Acrine by Isaac S:

12-8-15 39712-8-15 389

The Fortress of Tol-in-Gaurhoth and Red Feather Inn by Isaac and John S:

Working (and super fun!) Pin Ball Machine by Dan P:


Accordion, Graveyard in Springtime, Gold Brick Vignettes, Calrahk and Virrahk by myself (before everything was in its proper place if you are wondering):

12-8-15 212


Micropolis Office Tower by Leif H:

12-8-15 391

What’s that head doing on top of the tower?

Now, those of you who were at the event will certainly have noticed that I have avoided mention of one of the displays. Soon all will be revealed…

I had a lot of fun hanging out other LEGO fans. I was able to share the LEGO love with museum goers all weekend. Thanks so much to Leif H for coordinating the event and running the LUG!

A few people at the event inquired about this blog, so if you were at the event, either as a guest or a LUG member, please leave a comment to let me know your thoughts about the event (Did you enjoy it? Were you inspired?), and what you thought of this post!

Thanks folks! More posts are on the way very soon!



    1. Thank you, Isaac! It was great to hang out and talk with you and John, and all of the creations you both brought gave me lots of inspiration for future builds!
      Happy Holidays!
      The Royal Brick

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