LEGO Videogame Vignettes: A STUDy in SNoT

Ok kids, who’s ready to learn about snot!?

Alright, a definition is in order. SNoT, which stands for Studs Not on Top, is a building technique that is employed to build in a different direction from the conventional studs-up connections that standard LEGO bricks allow. SNoT construction is usually achieved with the use bricks with studs on the side, but includes any constructions that are built in unconventional directions. I wrote a post entirely about some of my favorite SNoT techniques over a year ago, so feel free to check it out if you feel so inclined.

Lego-4-30-14 003

Today I’ll be sharing with you a series of builds that inadvertently became a study in SNoT, and I hope that the post is interesting and informative to some of you.

It began a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away (sorry, did I just write that?), when I picked up a few of the LEGO Gold Bauble kits at my local LEGO store. They were filled to the brim with beautiful 2×2 gold bricks, (and some other parts which we’ll get to later), and the sheer number of them got me thinking, what’s something interesting that I could use all these gold bricks for? 


As a veteran LEGO Videogame player (I’m so hard core…) the idea that came to my mind was collecting gold bricks in-game, hence this first build, which has classic vignette dimensions with it’s 8×8 base:


This idea also meant that I could put some of my favorite minifigs to use, instead of just letting them collect dust on a shelf.

I created another, but to make it more interesting, I inverted the direction of the studs so that the wall section became the floor and vice versa:

11-17-15 008

This basically set the series in stone. A standard was created – each vignette scene would be built in a different stud orientation, or combination thereof.

In the next MOC, I employed a ground technique I have seen on MOCPages multiple times. I also playing around with using a large piece for much of the build, keeping the detail consistent while retaining a relatively low construction complexity:


From here, I decided to get really weird. Why not build an entire creation studs down? There are a few pieces that are built in the studs up orientation, but they are are held in with angle plates and even Emmit’s foot:


Some interesting brick math allowed me to use headlight bricks to create a tiled floor for the next build:


Do you remember all of those translucent yellow bricks from the first picture in the post? I used them to create a LEGO Dimensions Vignette. I decided to #BreakTheRules and build in a Wilder Style.


That’s it for this batch of vigs, and I hope you enjoyed today’s post!



  1. I’m more hardcore….kind of. But in the third vig from The Lord of the Rings video game, they collect SILVER bricks, not gold bricks. I do not want to sound mean BTW I’m just saying……

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