LEGO Ideas – October 2015

Hello folks! Today I’m going to share with you three fantastic LEGO Ideas projects that I think would make outstanding official sets.

For those of you who don’t know, LEGO Ideas (formerly LEGO CUUSOO) is a platform by which Deloreanmodels designed by fans can become official LEGO sets. Projects are submitted to the official site, and users can vote on the projects that they would like to see produced. When a project reaches 10,000 supporters, it has the chance to become a LEGO set (you can learn about the full process here). Many fantastic sets such as the DeLorean from Back to the Future and the NASA Curiosity Rover have come out of the program. If you would like to see one or more of the projects in this post become an official LEGO set, please take a moment and head on over to LEGO Ideas to vote (If you don’t already have an account, that’s alright. They are quick and easy to create).

LEGOStoreIdeas2The first project that I am going to share with you is The LEGO Store, by Bryce Middle Zealand.

What is one thing that all LEGO fans love? Well, LEGO of course! The roof of the store is removable and reveals a LEGO brand store interior, with a PAB (Pick a Brick) wall, shelves of sets, larger than minifig-life bricks, and minifigs in the windows. The diagonal doors and the giant brick on the outside look great, and the color scheme really makes the build pop. If this reaches 10,000 supporters, its sure to be a top seller!

Please support this project over at LEGO ideas by following this link:

I am really excited about the next project that I am going to share, this is the KingdomsKingdomsModularIDEAS Modular Castle, by Mkalkwarf:

Now, at first you might be thinking, “what’s so special about this? Its a great castle but… LEGO already makes castles.” Of course, the title of the project gives away the fact that it is COMPLETELY MODULAR(!) in all three dimensions. The project includes castle wall, gateway, battlement, bridge, and more modulars, allowing for an astounding array of possible castle builds created in minutes. Just watch this video to see exactly what I’m talking about:

The possibilities are nearly endless, and I love how diverse the imaginable designs are. I think this set would definitely sell very well, and many people would buy more than one copy of the set to build huge, grand castles.

Please support the project here:

The last project that I would like to show you is Legends of the Avatar, by Lostsleep: Avatar

The TV shows Avatar the Last Air Bender and The Legend of Korra were without a doubt some of the best children’s shows that have ever been created. The shows included magic, dieselpunk, adventures, friendship, and they addressed serious topics like human devastation of nature and acceptance of diversity. This project, ingeniously named The Legend of the Avatar, truly captures the beauty of the show. It includes the 9 main characters of the two shows, as well as Naga the Polarbear-dog, Appa the Flying-Bison, and Momo, the Flying-Lemur. It also includes Aang’s iconic glider and a bucket full of cabbages – “My cabbages!”

I know there are many Avatar and Korra throughout the community that would love to own this set, and with continued support, this project will reach 10,000 votes.

Please follow this link and support the project:

Those are all the projects that I am going to share today. Please follow the links and support these project, even if you do not yet have a LEGO Ideas account (creating a new one is very easy, and shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes).

Best of luck to Bryce Middle Zealand, Mkalkwarf, Lostsleep on their journeys to 10,000 supporters!



  1. Its not letting me go to the link. it says the webpage is unavailable. Idk whats happenenig. Do you know why? PLZ HELP I REALLY THINK THESE THINGS DESERVE TO BE SETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oops! Looks like there were some problems with the links, but I think I’ve fixed them. I’ve checked all the links and they now seem to be working, but let me know if they do not work for you.
      Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

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