The Cycle of the Seasons – Everlasting Love

As school has started in, and lots of other activities are beginning, I  find myself with much less time for building. This is forcing me to think smaller with my builds, a surprisingly formidable challenge that I’m enjoying learning how to overcome. Here’s my latest series of little builds:

10-3-15 002

This series of builds intertwines the cycle of the seasons9-12-2015 001 with the love of two young people, and the life of a tree. It all started with this build, called Peaceful Solitude. This came about while I was experimenting with simple builds and colors. After completion, rather than putting the build aside, I began to ask myself; Why is this young man alone? In what world does he live? and Why is he sitting in a dead tree? After some thought, I realized the he is not peaceful at all, but mourning; in a place that is important to him. The inclusion of the seasons as an element of each build was a guiding force for the story, but it mandated that I this build be changed to winter to correspond with the subtitle; now simply Alone:

9-16-15 0229-16-15 001

At the moment that I decided to include the cycle of the seasons in 9-16-15 003my grand scheme, I knew that I wanted the viewer to be able to start at any of the builds and continue through the sequence. Thus the next build, Spring – A New Friend, basically built itself.

I always thought the idea that a little sapling, given time, will grow into a grand and regal tree to be quite beautiful, simple as it is. It kind of reminds me of friendships that grow and flourish with time. This lead to Summer – In Love.

9-16-15 0079-16-15 011

Ok… Maybe I accelerated the process a little bit, but… you get the idea. A lot of people, both personally and in the comments on MOCpages, aptly pointed out to me that the young proposing man looks sort of angry, so after my original photo shoot, I took a different picture with a more fitting face. Does that scene look familiar to any of you? :

9-16-15 0149-28-15 017

Lastly, we have Fall – Decay. The life of the Tree is coming to an end,9-28-15 001 as is the life of the young woman.

Due to part and time restrictions, this one didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to. I had been planning to build a much smaller tree that was hunched and dying, but arching the tree was going to be to difficult to accomplish in a time frame that was feasible, and had the tree been brown, it would have blended in too much with the foliage and ground. Even so, I’m satisfied with the end result, and it completed the cycle of the seasons.

A subtle element of the series was the figure’s clothing. Throughout the builds, the shade of blue that each of the figures is wearing corresponds to their emotions- bright for joy, dark for sadness, and black and brown for peace.

Some of you may have noticed that the hair and even some of the figures are different from the first picture to all the rest. This is due to parts restrictions. For all of the pictures of individual MOCs, I was able to trade the hair pieces around, but I am planning on displaying these at an event my local LUG is putting on, so I wanted the builds to be consistent.

9-28-15 01710-3-15 003

I always enjoy building, and yes playing, with LEGO, but this build was really special for me, and I’m very happy with how these turned out as a series. I tried, especially in the MOCpages post, to leave the builds for every viewer to interpret in their own way. What do you see in the builds?

Thanks for reading, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed!

9-16-15 021


  1. I was THIS CLOSE to crying. THANKS ALOT!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

    JK great build. It was so sad though……………..

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