Bionicle Collection #4: Rahkshi

Hello folks! Today I present my collection of original Rahkshi:

9-6-15 010

Each has it’s own themes:

Nihrahk, Rahkshi of Strength and of Tyranny:

4-20-2015 004

Conrahk, Rahkshi of Lightning and of Impulse:

4-21-2015 001

Virahk, Rahkshi of Crystal and of Eternity:

8-30-2015 004

Calrahk, Rahkshi of Heat and of Pain:

8-30-2015 010

Tarahk, Rahkshi of Poison and of Decay:

9-6-15 013

Delrahk, Rahkshi of Fear and of Insanity:

9-6-15 005

Each Rahkshi is built on the same “template” of my own design, but I enjoyed puzzling out how to convey each Rahkshi’s nature through their appearance. Two of my favorites in this regard were Delrahk, and Nihrahk:

9-6-15 0044-20-2015 007

To convey Tarahk’s nature, I had to deviate from the template, constructing thin limbs to make him look weak:

9-6-15 008

Each carries a Kraata in their shell just like the originals:

4-21-2015 0148-30-2015 015

I also managed to take some interesting pictures:

9-6-15 0028-30-2015 0028-30-2015 0114-20-2015 016

Group picture!

9-6-15 011

This project has lasted long enough that almost all of the figures have changed since I originally posted them. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process throughout, and I hope you have too!

Thanks for looking!



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