Okoto BioContest Round 1: Nui Jaga

Hello readers! As the lazy days of summer come to a close, I’m back with a brand new pair of builds. Here are my entries into round 1 of the Okoto Biocontest, which is taking place over on MOCpages:

8-14-15 0098-14-15 011

The challenge for this round was to “Build a G2[Bionice 2015] Rahi With An Action Feature…” (Rahi were the Toa’s adversaries in the second year of Bionicle.)

I had been planing on building a Bionicle scorpion for quite a while, so I seized this opportunity and built the Nui-Jaga, two scorpion like Rahi:

8-14-15 0268-14-15 034

Each has a tale strike action, similar to the originals:

8-14-15 0158-14-15 019

This allows them to battle, with the objective being to knock the masks off of the opposing scorpion:

8-14-15 032

I find that the CCBS (Character and Creature Building System) lends it’s self quite well to the look of insect shells:

8-14-15 014

Each of the scorpion’s bodies houses the workings of the tail strike action feature. This was definitely my favorite part of the build to design. I don’t do much Technic building, so it was quite an enjoyable learning experience for me:

8-14-15 0298-14-15 031

None of the other contestants in my division entered a creation, so I have defaulted to the second (final) round. I’m nearly finished with my round two entry, so it should be up in the next couple of days.

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed!



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