7-16-15 011

We all have difficult decisions to make in our lives. I built this creation to represent those decisions.

Designing this build was a very involved and intentional process. I thought hard and long about the different aspects of the model.

My primary goal was to portray the daunting magnitude of each door (or decision) to the figure. I did so by magnifying the scale of the doors:

7-16-15 006

I also wanted to imply that though each door is different, neither is bigger or better than the other. This I achieved by constructing both with the same dimensions (apart from the arch of the right-hand door that is it’s defining feature), design, and colors:

7-16-15 017

I used gray for the doors because it is a neutral color and does not imply a positive or negative emotion. I used black for the door frames and the figure to represent  the shadow of uncertainty upon them.

7-16-15 019

The figure has chosen. Which door will you choose?



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