Bionicle: Gorilla Onua

Hello folks! After a long weekend for my readers in America, I’m back with more! Here is today’s creation:

7-4-15 012

This is a revamp of the classic Bionicle, Onua, who is from all the way back in 2000. I made two key decisions during the redesign process. The first was deciding to use the newer CCBS (Character and Creature Building System) in the construction, and the second was the decision to model the build after the look of a gorilla.

I achieved the Gorilla like look by studying what features make Gorillas look so distinctive and copying them, such as their extra long arms and short legs, and their stocky build:

7-4-15 0137-4-15 025

The figure has a moderately simple construction, but it was fairly difficult to come to. The Body and the attachment of the mask were particularly challenging:

7-4-15 0337-4-15 019

The hands and feet add quite a lot to the ape look, and are quite expressive. Also, because the socket bricks each have a Technic X hole in the center and a tile with stud hole connected to them, each hand can accept any piece with a rod, X pin, or single stud to it:

7-4-15 0277-4-15 029 7-4-15 001

The figure on the whole is capable of assuming many poses:

7-5-15 0107-5-15 008 7-5-15 0047-4-15 024 7-4-15 032

As a final touch, I added Trans purple into the limbs as an homage to the 2015 Onua, and a false gear knob on his back as an homage to the 2000 Onua:

7-4-15 0177-4-15 021

I hope you enjoyed today’s creation, and this week holds a few very exciting posts so stay tuned! Thanks folks!


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