Graveyard in Springtime

Hello readers, and Happy Fathers day to my dad and dads everywhere!

Here is a creation that I finished yesterday:

6-20-15 025

It is called Graveyard in Springtime and it depicts, what else, but a graveyard in springtime:

6-20-15 0116-20-15 039

I began the build by constructing the rock edges, using bricks, slopes, inverted slopes, and angles bricks to get the look that I wanted:

6-20-15 0316-20-15 030

I then built in some traps (pictured further down), and used green plates to represent grass and hide the traps. The final additions where the patch of flowers (my favorite part of the graveyard), a medieval sarcophagus, and two butterflies and the flags to add some sense of motion to the static model:

6-20-15 0536-20-15 046

Here are the aforementioned traps:

Courtyard trap:

6-20-15 0066-20-15 0026-20-15 004

Zombie Trap:

6-20-15 0466-20-15 047

The Grave Trap:

6-20-15 0536-20-15 054 6-20-15 0596-20-15 058

Here are all of the traps all open:

6-20-15 056

This build was quite fun to design and puzzle out, and I hope you enjoyed reading about! Please let me know in the comments section!



    1. Hello Harry!
      I really appreciate the compliment, and I’m glad that you like the graveyard!

      It’s always great to hear from readers like you!
      The Royal Brick ~ Blog Admin

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