Bionicle: Kraahkan, the Body of the Mask of Darkness

Today, I have a new Bionicle build to present to you all:

6-4-15 040

This is Kraahkan, the physical form of the legendary entity within the Mask of Darkness. He has the power to control shadow, and weilds it in his eternal battle with light.

6-4-15 031

During the construction, there was a very specific look that I had in mind. I wanted him to be tall and slender, but still look strong and powerful.

This figure is full of custom constructions. The feet were the start of this whole build, and the torso was definetly the hardest part to puzzle out, and hence it was the final part that I completed:

6-4-15 0116-4-15 0096-4-15 0026-4-15 003

He is my first figure that can bend at the waist:

6-4-15 035

Here are some more pictures:

6-4-15 006 6-4-15 029

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!



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