Galactic Patrol Mecha Suit

Here is my latest creation, a Galactic Patrol Mecha Suit:

5-23-15 012

Galactic Patrol is a theme that was created by a friend (and teammate during the Mocathalon), Commander Bricks, from over on MOCpages. The group’s homepage can be found here. The Galactic Patrol’s mission is to maintain peace and order throughout the galaxy, and their color scheme is (mainly) white, black, and translucent red: 5-23-15 007 This suit is used mainly for apprehending dangerous spaceships that have come close to a planet’s surface. It is equipped with a revolver arm, a radar dish (to receive police reports and distress calls), an opposable hand, and two shoulder mounted rocket launchers: 5-23-15 0135-23-15 0085-23-15 004 Here’s a view into the cockpit: 5-23-15 003 That’s all for today, and I hope that you enjoyed! 5-23-15 001



  1. This is awesome! Thanks for giving out links to my Homepage and the groups homepage.
    ~Commander Bricks~

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