Ninja Castle

Hello, readers! After an accidental vacation from posting, I’m back in action with my latest creation, Ninja Castle:

5-13-2015 030

Long time readers of the blog may recognize this as a redesign of the creation The Elven Outpost, that I posted a year ago:

5-18-14 016

Today I present a new format for redesign posts. The post will have three sections; Goals, Redesign, and Additions.


My goals during the redesign were to heighten the tower, hide the workings of the portcullis, and to put both defense levels at the same height:

5-18-14 0145-18-14 012


I began the redesign by completely deconstructing the top of the tower, and then heightening the whole thing. This allowed me to place the workings of the portcullis inside the tower…

5-18-14 0125-13-2015 013

and it allowed me to achieve my goal of placing both of the defense levels at the same height:

5-18-14 0145-13-2015 023

Heightening the tower meant that it was necessary to lengthen the drawbridge to fill the gap:

5-18-14 0175-13-2015 025


The real fun of the construction came after the redesign phase. I wanted the build to give a sense of where this tower is, so I used clear slopes, plates, and bricks to create the effect of water:

5-13-2015 021

This is a technique that I learned at Brickfair NJ from the creation Pirate Island by Miles Longstreth, and I think it works very well:

11-2-2014 264

In addition to the tower, I built stairs that lead to the drawbridge:

5-13-2015 0015-13-2015 002

I’m very satisfied with the simplistic design for the shrine gate that I came up with:

5-13-2015 0065-13-2015 005

I also enjoyed placing all the extra details, like the ninjas in action poses:

5-13-2015 0085-13-2015 0165-13-2015 0175-13-2015 010

That’s all for today’s creation. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to share your comments!



    1. Hello and thank you, Nate!

      The water effect is ingenious, and I’m glad that I got a picture of it while I was at Brickfiar! I’m also glad that you like the build!

      Thanks for the comment!
      The Royal Brick ~ Admin

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