Bionicle Builds Collection #3

I recently acquired a large bin of Bionicle parts, so I got to building. Today I’ll be posting some of my favorite figures that I built in the past couple of weeks. Here we go!


Blip is a scavenger, and he searches through junkyards for rare and valuable parts to sell:

4-25-2015 0114-25-2015 0084-25-2015 001
The armor on his back is attached very strangely, and is only staying on with the aid a rubber-band because I was unable to find a “real” connection:

4-25-2015 003


Nihrahk is the Rahkshi(one of the classic Bionicle enemies)  of strength and of tyranny:

4-20-2015 0044-20-2015 011

His theme is that of muscle, flesh, and bone, to tie into the strength side of his character, and I tried to make him look as muscular as possible:

4-20-2015 0074-20-2015 0164-20-2015 018


Conrahk is Rahkshi of lightning and of impulsiveness:

4-21-2015 0014-21-2015 0064-21-2015 005

His principle colors are dark grey to represent storm clouds, lime green for lightning, and blue because it seems to be the color most commonly used for lightning in the LEGO community:

4-21-2015 0174-21-2015 0094-21-2015 010


Nocturne is master of midnight:

4-27-2015 0044-27-2015 003

This figure was really just a bit of fun, and an excuse to use some of my favorite LEGO colors; old purple, and dark yellow or “keetorange”:

4-27-2015 0084-27-2015 0104-27-2015 002

I keep on trying to improve my Bionicle building skills, and having fun in the process. I hope you enjoyed today’s post!



    1. Thank you, Nate!

      Bionicles are a big source of nostalgia for a lot of people, and though I am not old enough to have gotten any of the early ones when they were released, I was really into the Mistika and Glatorian series, and I now have a fairy large collection including figures from most of the years. I really like the new ones too (though some folks REALLY don’t), and I’ll probably post some figures that utilize the new parts system relatively soon.

      Thank you for the comment, and I’m glad that you enjoyed this post!
      The Royal Brick ~ Blog Admin

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