Westcourt Kingdom part 2: The Outskirts

Here is the promised second part of my project, Westcourt Kingdom:

4-19-15 039

This new collection of modules depicts the outskirts of the kingdom. Here is each module:

4-19-15 0354-19-15 031

This module depicts the part of The Badlands that is nearest to the kingdom. The volcano is home to one of the snake-men. I place white bricks under the lava to really make it glow:

4-19-15 0324-19-15 030

The next module, Red Oak Forest, is home to a ranger:

4-19-15 0244-19-15 0224-19-15 021

This one was fun, if simple to build. It includes the rangers hat hut and some distant mountains. Credit for the trees again goes to Christian of Little Brick Root. Thanks Christian!

4-19-15 0194-19-15 018

The next module is a bit silly. It is called Fairy-Ring Forest:

4-19-15 029

It’s a forest of giant mushrooms (“Maybe they’re friendly!”). This one is home to the siblings from my creation Shrine to a Great Warrior, who collect and trade healing mushrooms! Everyone knows that magic mushrooms glow, so I made mine do the same:

4-19-15 0274-19-15 0264-19-15 025

The last module includes the hallmark of The Outskirts, The Kings castle:

4-19-15 0174-19-15 009

This castle is a safe and secluded place where the king can literally rule over his subjects. I had a lot of fund building the little waterfall, stairway, and castle:

4-19-15 0164-19-15 0134-19-15 012

That’s it for part two, and I hope you enjoyed it!



    1. Hello Nate!
      If you like the trees, you should take a visit over to Christian’s blog and perhaps even drop a comment on the original post.

      The Royal Brick ~ Blog admin

    1. Hello!
      I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed this set of modules! I haven’t begun working on any other modules yet and have building mainly BIONICLE figures, but more of the Kingdom is definitely on its way!

      Thanks so much for the comment!
      The Royal Brick ~ Blog Admin

      1. I’m glad to see your Kingdom series continuing! I love what you did with the slope work on the volcano (it looks very fluid) and the castle is probably my favorite, the stairs in the back are just perfect! Very well represented fun mini builds! Thanks for sharing!

      2. Hello, Jad!
        I’m truly glad to hear that you liked the post! I built the volcano to use up some of my translucent orange and dark brown parts, and I’m really proud of the little castle!

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
        The Royal Brick ~ Admin

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