Project: Westcourt Kingdom

Last blogging year, the first creation that I posted was Camelot. This year, my first post will again be Camelot, but with a twist:

4-6-2015 035

To celebrate the blog reaching a 1 year milestone, I’m beginning a new project. This is going to be a modular micro kingdom. It is composed of modules with side lengths that are multiples of six:

4-6-2015 0324-6-2015 0294-6-2015 0174-6-2015 0224-6-2015 014

Each module has three components; the scene, some form of identifier, and a native minifigure. For instance, Redbrick Abby has a church, a cross, and an abbot:

4-6-2015 018

As these are modular, each base has equally spaced Technic axle holes so that it can connect to any other, in any arrangement:

4-6-2015 007

This is the first part in a series of modules that I will be building, and the ultimate goal is to fill an entire 4 foot shelf in my room. It is not the loftiest of goals, but it is what my parts collection will allow for right now:

4-11-15 0074-11-15 0064-11-15 004

As a note, credit for the design of the lovely little trees goes to Christian, author of the blog Little Brick Root. Great trees, Christian!

Here is each module:


4-6-2015 0144-6-2015 0124-6-2015 0244-6-2015 0394-6-2015 002

Redbrick Abby:

4-6-2015 0184-6-2015 015

Gold Mine:

4-6-2015 0224-6-2015 0204-6-2015 021

Mountain Fortress:

4-6-2015 0334-6-2015 0314-6-2015 038

Serpent Castle:

4-6-2015 0294-6-2015 0284-6-2015 026

I already have the next set of modules built and will be posting them next week!

Until then, have a good one!



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