The Royal Brick Blog Year 1 Roundup!

Hello readers! Today is a very special occasion… 12 months, 49 posts, 3031 views, and 837 blocked spam comments after my welcome message, it’s The Royal Brick Blog’s first birthday! Everyone on the blog’s staff (me) is celebrating!

4-6-2015 003 (2)4-6-2015 001 (2)

This year has been a great one for my LEGO® hobby and for this blog. In the first month, there were only 12 unique visitors, whereas in my latest full month, 110 different people looked at the blog!

Camelot-side2 3-29-2015 023 (2)

The blog’s list of regular readers is slowly increasing, now with 23 followers, including the authors of some of my favorite LEGO® blogs. In that spirit, I’d like to share some of my favorite lesser known LEGO® related blogs and sites:

Like the blog’s readership, my LEGO® collection has grown (though much quicker), which means… even more creative possibilities!

1-23-15 0283-22-2015 1993-15-2015 014

Here are the countries from which The Royal Brick gets the most views:

  1. The United States
  2. The United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Canada
  5. Germany

The comments sections on the posts have begun to reliably light up, which is a great sign! I want to give a huge thank you to all of you who have commented this year!

3-30-2015 00512-29-14 072

This year I have been improving my creations, my building skills, and my photography skill, and I will certainly endeavor to continue to do so (There is certainly room to improve!). Here are all of the rebuilds of my creations that I posted about:

Camelot-side24-6-2015 024 Lego-4-27-2014 0202-10-2015 118 8-2-2014 0411-31-15 062 MiniMech-29-14-14 015 9-6-14 1399-6-14 141

Now for some behind the scenes!

Here is where the vast majority of my creations are built:

4-5-2015 2374-5-2015 217

I also have tons of very useful shelf-space to display my creations on:

4-5-2015 2244-5-2015 2334-5-2015 2474-5-2015 249 4-5-2015 240

All of the pictures of my models are taken in this light box, which stores really nicely (Credit for the design of the box goes to someone on the internet…):

4-5-2015 2754-5-2015 2744-5-2015 278

I started this blog to fill a void that I thought existed in the LEGO® community. I hadn’t found any blogs written to share the author’s own creations and building process (Obviously I hadn’t yet discovered Mocpages, the greatest of all MOC sharing sites). Though I now see that this void was but an illusion, I have truly enjoyed writing the blog this year, and will be continuing! Hurray!

In this blogging year I plan to:

  • Post many more creations
  • Start a large project (Coming very Very VERY soon!)
  • Bring even more event coverage
  • Occasionally share amazing builds from the internet fan community
  • Maybe even bring in a guest poster or two!
I11-2-2014 238Bi-plane-front TheArtofWar

The numbers say that the most popular posts were:

  1. Bionicle and Hero Factory!
  2. Bionicle the Sequal: Bohrok Va
  3. Building Tip: Sideways Building!
  4. Brickfair New Jersey, 2014
  5. Bionicle and Hero Factory: The Revenge

Number of views isn’t everything though! My big question of the year is: Out of all of the posts this blogging year, which was your favorite?

I want to give a huge thanks to all of the many friends and family that have supported the blog so far, as well as all of you commenters, readers, followers, and fellow bloggers for this fantastic year… so I’m going to:


It has truly been a blast, and I hope you enjoyed the year!


The Royal Brick ~ Blog Administrator



  1. I just found your blog today (I’m clearly a year late) Congratulations on all your work here! The only good part of finding this a year later, is I have an entire year worth of posts to look over! I must say your work is excellent, your photography is great, and your write ups are very well done. I look forward to your future posts! Keep on building!

    1. Hello, Jad, and thank you very much! I really appreciate all of the kind words!
      I have to say, your blog is pretty awesome, and I’m really looking forward to finding out which set you will be reviewing next!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
      The Royal Brick ~ Blog Administrator

  2. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My personal favorite post was “Draco the Lord of Dragons.” Looking forward to more posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations! You are really talented and I enjoy seeing your creations. I loved seeing the behind the scenes photos. I am quite envious of all the sets and bricks you own. And thank you for sharing a link to my blog.

    1. Thank you so much, Grace! I really appreciate the compliment!
      Also, no problem! You write a wonderful blog, and I wanted to share the fun with my readership!

      Thank you for your thoughts!
      The Royal Brick ~ Blog Administrator

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