2015 Mocathalon Roundup

One of the largest competitions in the LEGO community, the Mocathalon, which is being held over on Mocpages, is winding down for the year. There were loads of amazing creations entered, and some very original ideas put forth. In today’s post, I’m going to summarize my MOCathalon creations, and share some of my favorite entries by other folks. Here are some stats about my five entries:

#1; Squeeze Box

Original Entry

Blog Post

Approx. Build Time: 4 Days

Total Score: 19/25

3-8-2015 031

#2; The island Kipokozat and the Farimafee

Original Entry

Blog Post

Approx. Build Time: 6 Days

Total Score: 16/25

3-15-2015 014
#3; Venice!

Original Entry

Blog Post

Approx. Build Time: 2 Days

Total Score: 15/25

3-22-2015 213
#4; The 60’s

Original Entry

Blog Post

Approx. Build Time: 6 Days

Total Score: 15/25

3-29-2015 023 (2)
#5; Starry Night

Original Entry

Blog Post

Approx. Build Time: 1 Hour

Total Score: No Score

Note: When this creation was posted, I forgot to add it to the Mocathalon group, so I missed the deadline, and the creation was not scored.

3-30-2015 005

With thirteen teams, and thirty possible categories, there was a simply astonishing 243 creations built in less than a month, and I’m going to showcase some of my personal favorites:

A Toaster and Borealis Tower; by Dead Frog Inc.:

A Toaster BorealisTower

So Close, Yet So Far and So Close, Yet So Far… Again, by Graham Gidman:

SoCloseYetSoFar StarryNightPainting...Again

Every Coyote Has His Day and The Roaring Twenties, by P. Adrei:


Cabinet Pipe Organ, and Timeline of the Seventies, by gid617 (Kai NRG):

CabinetPipeOrganTimeline of the Seventies

 Harmonica and CheeseBurger Factory by T. J. Pownell:


And HPB the Gnome’s Revenge! by Josiah Nelson(Read the writeup), Elephant and Child by David Alexander Smith Pass the Bread  by Nathan Pownell, That’s Just Not Right by Tim W., Elfland by Elio Salsano Non-Working Keyboard by Grant Davis, and The Art of War by Kevin Moyer respectively:


Some Amazing work, right? I really had loads of fun (As well as loads of frustration) during this competition, and I have been truly inspired by all of the phenomenal creations that have come out of it! Big thanks to the judges for all of their hard work and very specific comments(I really appreciate it)!

So there you have it folks; my write up on this years Mocathalon! As always, thanks for looking, and I’d love to hear which creations were your favorites! Bye!



  1. Tough judges! P.S. I gave you 25/25 on most of them; I took off some points on Venice for the wrong historical period.

    1. Hello! Yes, the judges certainly didn’t go easy, but that just motivated me to work even harder!
      Though it is true that Venice is not the most ancient of civilizations, it was part of the Roman Empire for some time, so I took the chance.

      Thank you so much for commenting!
      The Royal Brick ~ Blog Administrator

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