2015 MocAthalon Entry #5: Starry Night!

Here is my final entry into the 2015 Mocathalon, based off of one of my favorite paintings “Starry Night”:

3-30-2015 006

The category was Pageant of the Masters: “Build a three dimensional representation of a two dimensional artistic masterpiece.” I was really running short on time for this build, as the deadline to post entries was approaching very fast, so this was built in about an hour. Here is the build next to the source material:

3-30-2015 005StarryNightPainting

I began by building the mountains, which were created by stacking plates to get the desired colors and depth. Next the sky went up, and it was made with a multitude of circular parts:

3-30-2015 001

The church was tricky, and it uses some of my very favorite roof pieces:

3-30-2015 003

That’s all for my build! The results of the competition will be released very soon, so stay tuned!



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