2015 MocAthalon Entry #4: The 60s!

The Mocathalon over on Mocpages is closing to all entries tomorrow, so I’ve been working hard to finish up as many as I can. Here is my fourth entry, called The 60s:

3-29-2015 023 (2)

This is a collage of some of the most important events (mainly American) that happened in the 1960s. The prompt, which is called Decade of Choice is: “Build a collage of events that will represent a decade.”

Here they are chronilogicaly:

1960: The British band The Beatles forms:

3-29-2015 012 (2)

September 12th, 1962: President John F Kennedy delivers his famous “We choose to go to the moon” speech:
3-29-2015 015 (2)

August 28th, 1963: Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his famous “I Have a Dream” speech:
3-29-2015 013 (2)

November 23rd, 1963: The television series “Doctor Who” is broadcast for the first time:
3-29-2015 008 (2)

July 20, 1969: The astronaut, Neil Armstrong, is the first human to step onto the moon :
3-29-2015 016 (2)

August 18th, 1969: The guitarist, Jimi Hendrix plays his famous concert in Woodstock, New York:
3-29-2015 011 (2)

This build went through quite a few revisions before it was finished. The final model is a series of six separate 8×8 scenes that are held in a frame:

3-29-2015 009 (2)3-29-2015 050

Most of the little builds were pretty straight forward, except for the TARDIS control room, from Doctor Who. The controls are not actually connected to the base, but instead rest on a stand:

3-29-2015 003

As for the minifigures, I gave all of them the classic face designs to give the build some continuity:

3-29-2015 0073-29-2015 047

Here are some fun pictures of these scenes in a 60s television:

3-29-2015 0443-29-2015 0463-29-2015 0493-29-2015 061 3-29-2015 0633-29-2015 066

These were originally how I was going to present the build to the judges, but I decided against and built the base this morning. They were shot through a sort of “TV facade” which was meant to look like another model that didn’t make the cut:

3-29-2015 0023-29-2015 010

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading about my creation, The 60s. See you next week!



    1. Hello! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed this creation! I selected these scenes because I consider them to be important parts of history and culture, but are also feasible to build in the small scale that is mandated by the time constraints of the competition.

      Thank you for commenting!
      The Royal Brick ~ Blog Administrator

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