2015 MocAthalon Entry #3: Venice!

Here’s my third entry into the 2015 Mocathalon:

3-22-2015 213

This was built for the prompt Ancient Civilizations: Be it Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, Roman, or barbarian, give us your take on ancient civilization. I chose to build a simple and small slice of the famous city of Venice. The building was fun to design, and went up pretty quickly. Because of the time restraints of the competition, the building is only a facade with no interior: 3-22-2015 1993-22-2015 200

Next, the bridge went up, and it was tougher to work out. The base of the build is made of basic bricks on their sides, so I built the bridge and walkway sideways too:

3-22-2015 205

The gondola was by far the most enjoyable part of the build to puzzle out:

3-22-2015 1973-22-2015 194

The main scene in the creation is a young man proposing to his one true love: 3-22-2015 2073-22-2015 201

That’s all for this simple creation. I hope you enjoyed! Oh, and watch out for the crocodile: 3-22-2015 208



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