2015 MocAthalon Entry #2: Doctor Suess!

Two weeks ago, I posted my first entry into the Mocathalon 2015 that’s going on over on Mocpages. Today I’ll be writing about my second entry:

3-15-2015 014

The category for this entry was:

“On your MOC cut it loose, with the styling’s of Seuss!
Then give us a write up in his silly styled rhyme. To not have fun with this would sure be a crime.
It can’t be one straight out of his books, but I’d check some out just to get the right looks.”

Here’s an excerpt from my entry:

I’ve heard, on the island of Kipokozat
In the great ocean of Gribliograt
There lives a creature called a farimafee
Who makes his home in the tallest of trees

It’s so high up there
that there’s really no air
so he comes down from his tree
everyday, 1:00 to 3:00

For food he eats flowers, with quite special powers
they in fact hold the trees up, high as tall towers
Because he’s so high, he can see all around
But he knows it would be bad if ever he looked down!

I say we send a big ship for a dip
to the island of Kipokozat it will go for its trip
The deck hands will row as fast as they can muster
until, in the ocean, we find the island cluster

Then we’ll know if this creature is true
and he’s not just a fake, you know; story book goo!
Then I’ll be happy, yes that’ll be fine
But if he’s not, this was all a big wast of my time!!!

Doctor Suess’ books were usually printed with only red, yellow, turquoise, black and grey), so I tried to limit myself as much as possible to these and similar colors. I wanted my build to have a whimsical look, and after fiddling around with some parts, I came up with the design for the curvy trees:

3-15-2015 007

Next I built the little island and little trees:

3-15-2015 017
With the island finished, I was almost done, but Doctor Suess books always have some kind of creature. I searched for just the right parts to use, and came up with this:

3-15-2015 013

The little ship was the finishing touch:

3-15-2015 015

That’s all for my Suess styled build. Thanks for reading and I hope you are thrilled!



  1. The Royal Brick, I’m no versist;  Poetry’s  my worstest;  Enjoyed your tale;  Great job; you no fail!

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