2015 MocAthalon Entry #1: Squeeze-Box

For the whole month of march, there’s a competition going on over on MOCpages; the 2015 MocAthalon! Each participant joins a team of five, and each team must build 30 creations in total, based on the provided prompts. Here is my first entry:

3-8-2015 032

The prompt was, “Replicate a musical instrument as realistically as you can.” As an accordion player, the choice was obvious, and I got to work creating a model of my instrument. Here’s the real one (I apologize for the poor picture quality):

3-8-2015 013

I began by building the keys and grill section, trying to capture the overall feel of the real accordion:

3-8-2015 019

The bellows and the buttons really built themselves, as their shapes lend themselves perfectly to Lego bricks, like the design on the front of the bellows:

3-8-2015 025

Everything was going smoothly… until I tried to attach the two halves. Since the studs on either side are facing the opposite directions, I had to fiddle around with the parts until I found a way to attach the halves with any sort of strength. This I finally achieved with the aid of some Technic pieces:

3-8-2015 0293-8-2015 028

This was was a venture into a type of building I rarely do, and I really enjoyed the challenge. Definitely check out some of the great entries that are being submitted here. I hope you enjoyed today’s post!



    1. Hi Joshua!

      It’s great to hear that you enjoy my MOC – I had a lot of fun building it! I’ll be happy to create an LDD file of the MOC for you if I can find the time – as you can see from the lack of activity here on the blog, it’s been REALLY tough to find time for LEGO between two jobs, school, family, and sport. I’d say it’s a 50/50 that this weekend will either be the best or the worst weekend in months for me to work on some LDD. By Tuesday I’ll have an answer for you, so be sure to check back!

      Thanks again for your comment, it really brightened my day!
      ~ The Royal Brick

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