Rebuild: The Blacksmith Shop

In the first month of my blog, I posted a creation The Blacksmith Shop. I had lots of fun building it, but it has been sitting in my room collecting dust for almost a year. Last week I rebuilt it:

2-10-2015 118

I rebuilt the shop with two objectives in mind; to make a more complete inside, and to build an abstractly shaped base.

2-10-2015 117

On one side of the shop, I’ve placed bins and racks to hold completed weapons:

2-10-2015 1132-10-2015 114

The opposite side features a fire, an anvil, tools, and weapon supplies, as well as the shop window:

2-10-2015 121

As for the base, I used a multitude of plates and angled plates to create a rough stone look:

2-10-2015 110

In rebuilding the base, I took the opportunity to limit how far the shop can fold open. Restricting the “open angle” to ninety degrees gives the shop the look that it is on the corner of a market street:

2-10-2015 112

I also enjoyed creating snow with curved and angled parts.

Thanks for reading today’s post, and I hope that you enjoyed it!


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