Westcourt Watchtower

Here’s today’s creation, Westcourt Watchtower:

1-31-15 062

This is a rebuild of Westcourt Castle. Here is the original:

8-2-2014 041

To start, the stairs coming out of the front of a fortified tower didn’t make much sense to me, so I replaced them with a terrace and moved the stairs to the back:

2-1-15 002 2-1-15 016

After the adding the terrace, I raised the tower by the height of one brick to accommodate a window on the front of the tower. The act of elevating the tower meant that I had to reconfigure the stairs:


8-2-2014 0352-1-15 008

I noticed that the outside of the tower itself does not have any studs showing, so I covered the studs on the battlements with plates to maintain the same look throughout the build:

1-31-15 073

Finally, I employed a technique that I had been planning on attempting for a long time, creating a borderless and abstract base:

2-1-15 009

Just like the original, the castle includes a removable grate, to allow a minifigure to sneak into the tower through the cellar:

2-1-15 005 2-1-15 006

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!


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