Bionicle: Daedalus, Spirit of Flight

Last time I wrote a post about most of the Bionicle and Hero-Factory creations I’ve been building lately. Today’s post is about one new Bionicle that I built this week; Daedalus, Spirit of Flight:


Daedalus is the  spirit of flight and a messenger for all Bioncles. His form is that of a bird and a man. The main feature, and the first part of Daedalus that I designed was his wings, which are connected with a Technic framework :

1-23-15 0281-23-15 032

His bird like features are his feet, claws and his mask (Which has always reminded me of an owl), and his humenoid features are his chest and his bipedalism:

1-23-15 0301-23-15 029

His feet are built of System parts, and I designed them to look like those of an eagle or owl:

1-23-15 031

Here he is in flight again:

1-23-15 048

I hope you enjoyed reading about my creation, Daedalus, Spirit of Flight, and I would love to read your comments about him. Have a good week!


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