Bionicle and Hero Factory: The Revenge

You may remember that several months ago, I posted Bionicle and Hero Factory! and Bionicle the Sequel: Bohrok Va. Now I’m back with more Bionicle and Hero Factory creations. First, Bionicle:

Meet Atlas. He’s strong and wild, and he brings a fighter’s instincts into battle:

1-8-15 0021-10-15 010

Next is Helix:

1-10-15 0061-10-15 005

All of the technic pins on Helix are with the slits facing upwards.

Now, Strider (Named after the insect The water strider that is common to swamps). Bitter and old, Strider lives alone in the swamp, caring for the plants and animals that are his only companions. He wields the vines to protect the swamp:

1-11-15 015

His color scheme is black and dark green to reflect the gloomy look of a swamp, and he has vines and plants growing all over him:

1-11-15 0061-11-15 0141-11-15 012

His wings are based on those of an insect, and I enjoyed designing them to be angled both backwards and downwards:

1-11-15 0091-11-15 008

Finally, The Colossus Queen:

1-11-15 004

The legs are built to look like those of a Dinosaur:

1-11-15 007


Now for my Hero Factory creations:


1-10-15 0071-10-15 008

Electro Nex :

1-11-15 002

Both Electro Nex and Titan, use the Bionicle 2015 gear system to allow for functional arms:

1-8-15 0051-11-15 003

And lastly, Chibi Corroder. This build is based off of Corroder, one of the original Hero Factory villains:

1-11-15 004Corroder

His body is one of the poison blasters from the original set, and I built tiny poison blasters for my version:

1-11-15 0011-11-15 002

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I would love to hear your comments on my Bioncle and Hero Factory creations! Thanks for reading!



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