King Under the Mountain

Happy New Year everybody!

Recently I joined an online LEGO® fan community called Mocpages, and soon after, I entered into the 2014-2015 Middle Earth Lego Olympics competition there. The category for the qualifying round is Music of Middle Earth. Each participant chooses 1 song from the 9 given songs (from the Hobbit/LotR films) to base his or her build on. I chose Song of the Lonely Mountain, and here is my creation:

12-29-14 072

This build depicts the chapter Inside Information from the Hobbit book, where Bilbo riddles with the dragon Smaug:

12-29-14 069

I first built the dragon Smaug, though it took me an extra two weeks to come up with a design for legs that I was satisfied with:

12-29-14 05912-29-14 042

Building the floor of the chamber was a challenge, which I solved by employing a new technique that I learned on Mocpages:

12-29-14 036

My decorative border to the build covers the unfinished edge of the floor tiling, and I’m really happy with how three weapon parts came together to make an embellishment:

12-29-14 048 12-29-14 044

The throne on the second level was good fun to build. I looked at pictures of multiple types of thrones, and combined different features of each of my favorites. Underneath his throne are hidden the choice weapons of King Thror (Long past):

12-29-14 07012-29-14 06412-29-14 039

Around the throne lie King Thror’s dead guards:

12-29-14 04712-29-14 073

A key decision I made while designing this creation was to build it entirely on a 32×32 base-plate, and another was to add a second level. Some other details of the build include flames and some broken stonework:

12-29-14 03812-29-14 07612-29-14 043 12-29-14 068

That’s all for now!

12-29-14 040


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