Ninja attack!

Today’s creation, called Ninja attack!:

11-25-14 016

Photographing this creation is a story of its own: This is by far the largest creation I have ever built, and it is much too large to photograph in my light-box. I completed the castle on Sunday, but I had to wait for a sunny day to take pictures in the kitchen:

11-25-14 006

This build is a samurai castle being invaded by ninjas. I placed ninjas all over, hiding in bins, running along the roof and walls, and sneaking around :

11-25-14 02111-25-14 01911-25-14 02811-25-14 02611-25-14 01711-25-14 029

The castle has raised platforms and arrow slits for samurai archers:

11-25-14 02511-25-14 031

I built the castle to be modular so that it is more easily stored and transported. Technic holes and pins allow for the connections:

11-25-14 03611-25-14 03811-25-14 018

I plan on improving the ends of the roof when I find a better solution:

11-25-14 022

And some fun ninja shots:

11-24-14 15111-24-14 07911-25-14 04311-25-14 039

I’d love to hear what you think about Ninja attack!, so please comment away!


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