Falsworth Castle

After my post about Brickfair New Jersey, we’re back to my original creations. This is today’s creation, Falsworth Castle:

11-9-14 014

Falsworth Castle is in Westcourt Kingdom, the fictional world that many of my castle creations are part of. It was built as an opposite to Westcourt Castle, with curved walls, a dark color scheme, and an asymmetric footprint. I achieved the curved walls with some hinge bricks and some new angle parts. The base of the model is hollow and it is built of basic bricks and B.U.R.P.s (Big Ugly Rock Peices):

11-9-14 01111-9-14 01811-9-14 001

The castle has a working drawbridge, opening gates, a treasure room, and two levels from which archers launch their attacks:

11-9-14 00711-9-14 00611-9-14 009

That’s all for now! Thanks!

11-9-14 005

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