Brickfair New Jersey, 2014

Today I’ll be showcasing the many amazing creations I saw at Brickfair, in Somerset New Jersey:

11-2-2014 238

Brickfair is an event that “brings together adult fans of LEGO… to show off their projects, great and small, and to share their passion for LEGO.” I had lots of fun and met some of my fellow Lego enthusiasts:

The Seven Towers by Dario Minetti:

11-2-2014 11711-2-2014 22411-2-2014 22711-2-2014 22611-2-2014 118


A-coach interplanet workhorse by Brian Gaudreault:

11-2-2014 146


Pirate Island by Miles Longstreth:

11-2-2014 264


Pirate Refuge and Jawa Captures R2-D2 by Aaron Gomez:

11-2-2014 25311-2-2014 161


Run Emmit! by Micheal Bader:

11-2-2014 236


Dalek and Scary Guy by John Matz:

11-2-2014 23711-2-2014 177


Battle of Hoth by Ian Bivona:

11-2-2014 20611-2-2014 20711-2-2014 204


Protoman, Arcanine, Rapidash, Mushu, and Whale by Mike Nieves:

11-2-2014 17211-2-2014 17311-2-2014 17411-2-2014 17511-2-2014 176


Just Another Tahu, Tikakoo, and various Bionicle by Andrew Bulthaupt:

11-2-2014 23011-2-2014 22911-2-2014 18111-2-2014 183


Various Bionicle by BIONILUG:

11-2-2014 18611-2-2014 18711-2-2014 188 11-2-2014 170


The Vikings Are Coming! The Vikings Are Coming! by Bill Anjo:

11-2-14 030


Sky Castle II by Rachel von Rockel:

11-2-2014 21911-2-2014 25811-2-2014 25911-2-2014 262


Cassiterite Base at Sector 1418 by David Rajcok:

11-2-2014 16311-2-2014 16711-2-2014 168


Here are some more photos:

11-2-14 02211-2-14 03911-2-14 03611-2-14 037


Oh, and riding an ostrich was the sigfig of Kevin Hinkle from Community Team Blog:

11-2-2014 239

Thanks for reading!



  1. Cool wrap up, I hadn’t realized you were at Brickfair, NJ in 2014.
    Aaron Gomez, David and Andrew Rajcok are 3 guys I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with quite a lot, so it’s cool you got to see some of their MOCs in person. Did you get to talk with them at all while you were there?

    1. I was only present for a few hours during one of the public days, so I didn’t get to meet too many FoLs. I talked to a few people; Bill Anjo, Mike Nieves, and another AFoL, which was really cool!

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