The Crystal Cave Tavern

Here’s my latest creation, The Crystal Cave Tavern, which I completed yesterday evening:

10-20-14 00810-20-14 028

It is an underground tavern where knights and heroes can get something to drink. As evidenced by the following picture, I have more slope bricks than I know what to do with, so I decided to build something that uses lots of them: a natural stone wall.

10-20-14 001

This is my first successful brick-made stone wall and it was good fun to build. I built the rocks with bricks, slopes, inverted slopes, bricks with side studs, and large rock parts (called Big Ugly Rock Pieces or BURPs by the LEGO® fan community):

10-20-14 02110-20-14 023

The waterfall is based on the one built by my sister in my creation, Heroica Manor:

10-20-14 027

I connected beer barrels to the wall with a 1×4 brick with side studs:

10-20-14 01510-20-14 016

To finish the build, I added crystals, stalagmites (built of slopes, cones, and saber blades), and some minifigures. Here are some more photos:

10-20-14 02610-20-14 01210-20-14 01110-20-14 01410-20-14 029

I would love to hear what you think of The Crystal Cave Tavern, so please, comment away!

Thanks for reading!


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