Microscale: Space!

With school beginning for me recently, I haven’t been building creations at my usual rate. I did however get a hold of a dark grey piece of paper, (If you’re a weekly reader, you will know that my light-box makes white objects blend into the white background) so I took photos of some spaceships I built a few months ago. First are my micro Space Police ships:

9-21-14 0169-21-14 0139-21-14 010


All of these ships use one of my favorite LEGO® pieces, the 1×1 plate with double stud ring, and the first ship uses five of them:

9-21-14 014

I built this next ship quite a long time ago:

9-21-14 0049-21-14 002

A few weeks ago I disassembled the official LEGO® Minecraft set 21105, Micro World-The Village and played around with the parts. I came up with this design:

9-21-14 001

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!



    1. Money shouldn’t be a problem, because WordPress.com blogs are free to run! I got a lot of help starting my blog by getting some books out from my local library.

      Good luck!
      The Royal Brick ~ Blog Administrator

  1. Hi Man It’s commander Bricks from MOCpages here! I love your Blog, and these are some sweet looking microscale ships here. Great job!

      1. Hello Commander Bricks, and thank you for stopping in!

        Your idea for a Galactic Patrol blog is great, and I definitely think that you should go for it! If you choose to use WordPress.com, I’d be happy to help you get started.

        Good luck!
        The Royal Brick ~ Blog Administrator and Mocpages Member

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