Samurai Mecha

Here is today’s creation:

9-14-14 013

I finished it a few hours ago, and you may think it looks a little familiar…

MiniMech-29-14-14 014

The cockpit of the Samurai Mecha is based on the one in my rebuild of the official LEGO set The Mine Mech.  You can check out my rebuild of The Mine Mech here. The Samurai Mecha contains a combination of regular, Hero Factory, Bionicle, and Technic parts, and it has many details:

9-14-14 0069-14-14 0089-14-14 007 9-14-14 009

Here’s the back of the model:

9-14-14 010

And here are some more pictures:

9-14-14 0019-14-14 0029-14-14 0039-14-14 005

I would love to hear what you think about the Samurai Mecha in the comments. Thanks!


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