This is my latest creation, the Hovership:

9-6-14 1419-6-14 149

It is very loosely based off of a star-ship that a friend and I built together many years ago:

9-6-14 139

The rebuild started with the wing sub-build:

9-6-14 1429-6-14 143

The top of the ship can be removed to access the engine:

9-6-14 146

A printed 2×1 cheese slope from a Legends of Chima set makes a perfect hub cap:

9-6-14 144

I almost always pair red with translucent blue in my star-ship builds, and this is no exception. There are blue tiles on the back of the “hover-wings”, blue safety beacons on the edges, and there are blue studs in the engine:

9-6-14 1409-6-14 145

The steering bar in the cockpit is built of a 2×1 plate with a bar, a skeleton arm, and a handle bar part:

9-6-14 147

That’s all for today! Tell me what you think in comments.


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