Yes, it’s finally here! a whole post about Minifigs! I’ll be writing about creating, displaying, and customizing Minifigures. The obvious place to begin is…


Most of my experience creating Minifigures is in the castle theme, and often what inspires me is a specific piece, especially the face.

5-7-14 018

Uncle Vernon from the original Harry Potter sets, gave this guard the perfect expression.


8-31-2014 023

I have found that knight Minifigures with dark, solid color pants and capes look very striking and heroic.


I like to display my Minifigures, and I do so in two different ways. Often I create a build that centers on my Minifigure or Minifigures:

8-31-2014 008

I created this model to showcase the police man and his hover-board.

Sometimes I build a stand for them that is customized to match there colors and theme:

8-31-2014 018

A Knight stand (pun intended) like this, is a great way to display knight minifigures, and is easily customized to match any color scheme and theme.


Lastly, many builders change the shape of the Minifigures, commonly by removing the minifigure’s “hips”:

8-31-2014 009
8-31-2014 016

I developed this technique to create the illusion of kneeling.

8-31-2014 015

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