The Adventurer’s House

Today I’m writing about my latest creation, The Adventurer’s House:

8-24-14 009

The house has a removable roof to allow a view into the inside:

8-24-14 0228-24-14 012

The interior is the life of the MOC:

8-24-14 0028-24-14 014 8-24-14 001

Inspiration for The model came from my own room, with LEGO bricks all over the floor, on my table, in bins, and in every other available space. I thought that an adventurer might have a similarly cluttered house, with maps, tools, and treasure everywhere. The floor is built of plates, jumper plates, tiles, and printed tiles to look like wood, and I connected the maps, bins, and artifacts to the floor and the table with various plates and jumper plates (as well as a clear stud):

8-24-14 0168-24-14 0138-24-14 017

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